Tutorials, information and advice

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Introductory materials

This section aims at providing links (or references) to review papers, slides, book chapters, and other materials that are good starting points for people interested in learning about specific aspects of Bayesian Computation.

Monte Carlo methods - MCMC, Adaptive MCMC, Sequential MC, ABC
Non-Monte Carlo methods - Laplace approximation, INLA, Variational Bayes, EP

Advice on methods for specific problems

Some specific problem areas

Model averaging
Variable selection

Suggestion box

<List here topics that deserve a tutorial introduction - all members should feel free to add to the list, or to replace items on the list by links to content they have written. By all means make links to Wikipedia articles - but please first read them and check that you can vouch for their contents!>

Gaussian process, Dirichlet process, retrospective simulation, diffusions, perfect simulation, wavelets, splines, a critical review of R packages for MCMC,…

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