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BA impact factor 2012 posted on 02 Jul 2013 05:37 by miraanto

According to the latest (2012) Journal Citation
Reports of the ISI Web of Knowledge, the impact factor for Bayesian
Analysis has increased to 2.417 (from the 1.650 of last year). This
makes it the 6th highest impact factor in the list of 117 Stats and
Probability journals. (read more…)

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Where to go from here? posted on 15 Jun 2013 12:32 by Peter J Green

This message is to initiate a discussion of how best to use and promote the BayesComp website. I am sending it to members both as a 'newsletter' and a blog item, and to section committee members by email. Please join in and reply, ideally by 'adding a comment' on the blog, otherwise by email to me,||neerG.J.P. (read more…)

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BA discussion papers posted on 01 Jun 2013 08:07 by miraanto

I think BayesComp could give inputs and suggestions on hot "computational" topics that could be suitable for BA discussion papers.

Most of you have seen what follows on the ISBA mailing list. In any case, as member of the editorial board of BA and of BayesComp I think it will be interesting to have a stronger link bwn the two, thus allow me to copy the email below to possibly start a discussion on the topic. (read more…)

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Bayes in JASA posted on 15 Apr 2013 14:58 by Nicolas Chopin

The March 2013 issue of JASA is quite interesting for Bayesians:
- the "Theory and Methods" section has only 2-3 Bayesian papers
- but a clear majority of "Applications and Case Studies" papers are Bayesians
As Steve Scott put on Google+, this is better than the opposite!
It clearly shows that Bayes has gone a long way from the intellectually appealing
but too hard to implement approach to the approach that many practictionners
now feel both natural and easy to use. Great news, I guess! (read more…)

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Welcome posted on 30 Mar 2013 17:56 by Peter J Green

Greetings, everyone! Please help to make these pages a useful resource for all interested in researching or using Bayesian Computation. (read more…)

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