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Posted on 01 Jun 2013 08:07

I think BayesComp could give inputs and suggestions on hot "computational" topics that could be suitable for BA discussion papers.

Most of you have seen what follows on the ISBA mailing list. In any case, as member of the editorial board of BA and of BayesComp I think it will be interesting to have a stronger link bwn the two, thus allow me to copy the email below to possibly start a discussion on the topic.

A new issue of the new electronic journal BAYESIAN ANALYSIS has been published at Project Euclid.

Following up on the successful experience with the discussion paper by Mueller and Mitra, just appeared in the June issue of the Journal, at BA we have decided to expand on our policy regarding discussion papers. In addition to the regular type of discussion paper, typically chosen by the EiC, or suggested by an Editor, among the regular submissions, it will now be possible for individual authors to submit manuscripts for consideration as discussion papers. Such submissions will first go through our regular review process and, if accepted, the Editor in charge and the EiC will make a decision as to whether the manuscript can make a good discussion paper. If so, invited and contributed discussions will be solicited by the EiC. If you wish to submit your work for consideration, please select 'Article with Discussion' when submitting at the EJMS site. Additionally, proposals for invited discussion papers can be put forward by an ISBA section directly to the EiC.

We hope you will enjoy the issue, and as always we welcome your submissions. Please see

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