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Posted on 15 Jun 2013 12:32

This message is to initiate a discussion of how best to use and promote the BayesComp website. I am sending it to members both as a 'newsletter' and a blog item, and to section committee members by email. Please join in and reply, ideally by 'adding a comment' on the blog, otherwise by email to me, ku.ca.lotsirb|neerG.J.P#ku.ca.lotsirb|neerG.J.P.

I knew when I set up this site that it was not at all certain to be a success, but I have to admit to some disappointment that it has not taken off better than it has. Since it was open to the 'community' two and a half months ago, there has been very little activity:
- 5 new non-committee members
- some diary entries (3 or 4?)
- some directory (paper) entries (6 or 7?)
- a few blog entries (3?)
- no new 'creative writing' - entries in advice or glossary pages - at all

I have been totally passive myself in this period (with respect to the site, that is!) as I wanted to see it it would be self-generating, but it seems that there are few people interested in signing up to be authenticated editors, and even fewer who actually want to write anything.

There is a variation on the model in which someone acts as editor and asks people to write specific things, but I always thought that model was less sustainable, since it relied on the energy, interest and wisdom of one person.

I think we need a discussion on where to go from here.

Some points from me to get started:

1. The blog does not add much that is not found elsewhere - but of course if the site did take off, this would be a good way for editors to ask questions of each other.

2. Although the directory and diary replicate functions found elsewhere, they remain of some use, they are no cost to maintain, and there are something that anybody can use without trouble or difficulty, so they might help lead people in to the site.

3. Probably for the 'creative writing' more active leadership is needed.

Please contribute your views:
- is it worth maintaining this site or not?
- if it is, how best do we promote it?
- what new features/facilities would be useful and attractive?
- how can we get serious content written - or at least located elsewhere on the web and linked in - in a sustainable way?


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