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Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling Jean-Marie Cornuet, Jean-Michel Marin, Antonietta Mira and Christian P. Robert
Bayesian Computational Tools Christian Robert
Bayesian methods to detect dye‚Äźlabelled DNA oligonucleotides in multiplexed Raman spectra M Zhong, M Girolami, K Faulds, D Graham
Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification of Differential Equations Oksana Chkrebtii, David Campbell, Mark Girolami, Ben Calderhead
Lack of confidence in ABC model choice Christian P. Robert, Jean-Marie Cornuet, Jean-Michel Marin and Natesh Pillai
Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Can We Trust the Third Significant Figure? James M. Flegal, Murali Haran, Galin L. Jones
MCMC Estimation of Quantiles James M. Flegal, Galin L. Jones, Ronald C. Neath
Optimisation via Slice Sampling John R. Birge, Nicholas G. Polson
Riemann manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo methods M.A.Girolami and B.Calderhead
Sampling decomposable graphs using a Markov chain on junction trees Peter J. Green, Alun Thomas
Variance bounding Markov chains Gareth O. Roberts, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Zero Variance Markov Chain Monte Carlo Antonietta Mira, Reza Solgi, Daniele Imparato

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